alcatel vision vr device pornWATCH VR PORN WITH ALCATEL VISION DEVICE

Good news for VR fans!

Interesting news for all VR Porn fans! A new VR headset is going to join the family. Alcatel recently announced that a new VR device will be released soon. Their new VR headset is called Vision and the difference between Alcatel’s Vision and the other devices is that there is no smartphone needed.

So, how does Alcatel Vision VR headset works?

The hardware of Alcatel Vision will be integrated inside the device. That includes an eight-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and sensors, gyroscope and proximity sensor, everything will be stuffed inside one device. Sounds nice! Furthermore the display and the screen will be constituted by two 3.8-inch AMOLEDs with 1080 x 1020 resolution for each eye. Alcatel hasn’t published any prize information yet, so we have to wait for it. This brand new device could revolution the way we enjoy VR content. We don’t know if Alcatel Vision’s will be the beginning of a new era or it will be just a flop, but the info we have is pretty encouraging. However there are some doubts and questions remaining: how can the users transfer the content to their Alcatel headsets? Some rumors are circulating that the brand is already working on this aspect, building alliances with producers of video games, movies and VR Porn.

Ok… but is Alcatel Vision going to work as a VR Porn device?

Well, we don’t know in which direction Alcatel is focusing their activities, but EVERY SINGLE VR DEVICE has found a way to bring the best VR 360 Porn content to their fans so far. So, we’re expecting Alcatel will publish a great new VR device. Hopefully we can enjoy 360 porn in Alcatel Vision as well. free-device-vr-porn-headset