New VR Device! Windows realeses Mixed Reality Headsets

Hi VR porn enthusiasts!

We thought it’s time to have a look at new VR devices which are going to be released in the next months and want to present you the most interesting one for VR 360 porn movies. Everyone who wants to enjoy virtual reality content on his PC and is cheering for a future with more VR content should have a look at Windows Mixed Reality Headsets!

Microsoft scheduled the delivery of two new VR device or mixed reality devices. One will be  Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset for $299 and one will be HP Windows Mixed Reality headset for $329 for August 2017. Developers can already pre – order the VR devices therefore we thought it’s time to check them out for you. We think this is of great interest for VR porn lovers!


VR porn headset for a unique VR 360 porn movie experience


What you can expect about Windows Mixed Reality Headsets?

We had a look on the quality, design and comfort of this brand – new VR devices and tried to compare them with virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift and also HTC Vive.

One thing that definitely stand out is that Acers VR device is incredibly light at 350 grams. Compared to other VR devices on the market you will feel the difference when you try it for the first time and will get a different virtual reality experience with such little weight on your head.

Coming to the Visual and Audio Quality which is kind of the most important thing when we speak about VR porn isn’t it?

So, everyone who wants to fully enjoys virtual reality porn should have a look at Acers Mixed Reality Headset. They offer a 1440 x 1440 LCD display per – eye. You can’t compare it with more expansive devices like PlayStation VR or Samsung virtual reality devices, however the audio and visual quality experience is fair enough for this price. For us a VR 360 porn experience with a device like the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset or also HP Windows Mixed Reality device is really impressive. If you want to try the VR device we suggest you having a look at our best 360 VR porn videos and find your favorite virtual reality porn category.


Windows mixed reality VR headset and device for 360 porn

VR device Windows Mixed Reality from HP for virtual reality porn movies



VR 360 porn movies with Windows Mixed Reality headsets

The advantage of Windows Mixed Reality Headset is definitely the price and what you can be most enthusiastic about is that there is no need to set up any additional tracking system for the headset. However, it would not be fair to compare it with more expensive virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Basically, everyone who is cheering for a future with more virtual reality and is looking for a unique PC VR experience should consider buying one of the new Windows Mixed Reality headsets to fully enjoy watching virtual reality porn movies! And if you want to compare it with other devices have a look at our suggested VR devices.

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