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VR Porn is the admin of the Virtual Porn 360 website. He is always searching for the best adult content, hottest girls and the most exciting scenes.

2 Kotaku boobs a la Vr porn please


Vr porn can count on Veiviev to make jello boobs disappear Who does not love a big and firm pair of boobs? I don’t know many apart from maybe those jealous chicks with flabby and hanging pairs. Luckily, boobs are so much better now in Vr porn than they were ever before. Veiviev, an innovative company in the sector, has developed for the Oculus...

20 years ago: people were scared about virtual reality!


A funny report Through a report video on the web from 1996, we are informed about how people saw for the first time virtual reality technology. It revealed that many of them were scared about this technology. Some experiences were made in order to understand how it could affect our body and our health, but these experiences were not really scie...

2016: the most important year for Virtual reality?


2015 preparing 2016 2015 looks like a teaser for the different virtual reality products. Most of them will start to be available in 2016 and competition will be at a higher level. We already know that companies such as Oculus or Samsung plan to release their products during the first semester of 2016. After presenting them at the E3 they enter ...

2020 is the year virtual reality goes mainstream


Virtual reality: getting ready for the big launch So what does it take exactly for virtual reality to go mainstream? No one really knows the answer to that question, neither on when exactly this is going to happen. Regardless, the first gadget is expected to launch early 2016. At the E3 at Los Angeles, gamers and fans alike have been given the ...

3 amazing games for virtual reality


VR for gaming Many people are focused on VR devices which will be released pretty soon. However here we will talking about another important field belonging to virtual reality: gaming. Some virtual reality games were unveiled at the Oculus Connect conference in September. People were even able to try some demos of them and it looks like the vi...

3 VR porn tips to know for your Samsung gear


VR porn sit and spin formula The point of virtual reality revolves all around having the experience in 360 degrees. That being said, if you have ever put one of these goggles on your head (and if not you should, it’s something), you feel very dizzy if you are standing up. Better is that you are seated down and enjoy your video (VR porn movies a...

360 degree car porn by Mercedes


Mercedes’ version of 360 degree porn Guys usually love these two things: porn and cars. Combine the two and you’re left with 360 degree car porn. Mercedes, the German luxury car manufacturer has decided to offer its clientele this new model to try in virtual reality. To get those that unfamiliar with the model up to speed, the Pullman has long ...

3D prints for Zeiss VR ONE


Zeiss VR ONE supports smartphones The company Carl Zeiss is working in their own virtual reality device, named Zeiss VR ONE. The main feature of Zeiss VR ONE is that supports smartphones with display sizes between 4.7 and 5.2 inches and users can wear their eyeglasses as normal while using the headset. The Zeiss VR ONE headset has been on th...

3D VirtualReality Porn: when virtual porn meets 3D videogames


You may have heard about Virtual Reality headsets for videogames, soon you will be able to use them to watch porn. More than just being a spectator of a porn scene, these devices enable you to take part into it, attending the scene from one of the actor's point of view: it is called VR Porn 360. A phenomenon seemingly inspired by videogames Po...

3DXChat, the VR game that wins an award


What is wrong with existing VR porn games You see, virtual sex games are great but they have one major handicap nonetheless: they look like games indeed and are nowhere close to reality. But times have changed with this virtual sex game. It is one of if not the best virtual porn game out there. The ones that already exist and as a user have pro...

4 connected sex toys to fully enjoy virtual reality porn


Due to the increasing numbers of partnerships between virtual reality porn developers and sex toys companies, we can see new connected devices to enjoy better virtual reality porn. Here are 4 example of virtual porn objects that you can use while watching a virtual reality porn movie. 4 products improving the virtual reality porn experience T...

5 incredible things that you can do with virtual reality


VR for training and helping First of all, virtual reality can be used as a trainer. For example, the football team Dallas Cowboys has made a contract with a VR company. In fact the quarterback will use a VR headset. He will be immersed in a virtual game where he will have to take strategic decisions. This program was already tested at Stanford ...